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CompetiBid (kom-pet-uh-bid) brings tens of thousands of buyers together to competitively bid for your assets. Our slogan “where competitors meet” comes from a firm belief that bringing industry competitors together to vie for your assets results in reaching true market value based on your sale parameters. No matter what you have to sell, competitive bidding is the proven technique to maximize the value of your assets. Any program can get lucky and achieve a high sales price if the right buyer comes along. But over time nothing will produce consistent results like competitive bidding. We truly believe our consistent process of bringing rivals together into a single marketplace to compete when purchasing your assets means that you win! For this reason our company name reflects our dedication to this process and the benefits that competitive bidding brings to our customers. We will build a marketplace that fits your needs regardless of the type of asset you desire to sell. Metalworking, woodworking, food processing, product lines, inventories, trademarks and patents, warehousing, trucks and trailers, pharmaceutical, chemical processing, or construction equipment and many others benefit from our competitive bidding process. Contact us now for a no obligation consultation on what CompetiBid and our competitive bidding process can do for you. CompetiBid – your competitive bidding experts – where competitors meet!

Corporate Programs

Welcome to CompetiBid (kom-pet-uh-bid).  Are you looking for ways to increase revenue?  You likely have assets that are not being utilized that can be sold almost immediately.  Many of our clients are idling production lines, discontinuing lines of business, or selling segments of their company and have a continuous turnover of assets.  The assets that are caught up in these changes often times still have value and that value is likely being ignored.  Take advantage of those internal changes by maximizing every opportunity and benefitting when you can. Many customers have chosen to engage us on an ongoing basis to dispose of assets as they become idle and cleared from their facilities.  By engaging us on an ongoing basis, it relieves them of the hassle of having to search for a service provider for every location or every batch of surplus assets.  We sell small groups of assets as well as complete plants as the opportunities present themselves. We know that in any business environment there can be both large and small groups of assets that need to be disposed of. Not everyone is closing a complete facility but many have segments that become idle due to changes in business direction or other internal management decisions.  The assets involved still need to be marketed properly and in the most competitive and advantageous way possible.  Once our contract is in place, your company notifies us when ready to sell small or large groups of assets.  That’s when we go to work.  We have designed our programs to be simple yet very effective.  In most cases, there are no up-front fees!

Metalworking, woodworking, food processing, product lines, inventories, trademarks and patents, warehousing, trucks and trailers, pharmaceutical, chemical processing, or construction equipment and many others benefit from our competitive bidding process. We understand that your highest priority is to keep your operation running smoothly with minimal interference.  Our program is designed to meet those needs by selling your assets quickly and efficiently with minimal disruption to your ongoing operations.  We can also assist you with internal redeployment prior to offering assets for sale to outside parties.  Again, we build markets for a wide range of corporate assets including but not limited to production machinery, product lines, trademarks, intellectual properties, inventories, vehicles, and more.  We take the time to understand the assets you are selling and research those markets and locate potential buyers. Your corporate bottom line will benefit from our competitive bidding platform that markets every asset to a wide range of potential buyers.  Let us build a market for you. Idled or underutilized assets don’t improve with age.  What are you waiting for? By having this program in place you can maximize the return on the sale of any assets you no longer need.  The types of assets we offer are virtually limitless. Take advantage of idle or underutilized assets that are right under your nose.  We can generate capital from those assets that can flow right back into your business. Call now for a free no obligation consultation.  We are anxious to show you how we can work with you to build a market for any surplus assets you may currently have.

CompetiBid – your competitive bidding experts – where competitors meet!     

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